What is a steel sheet pile? It is a section of interlocking sheets commonly made of steel that is driven into the ground to provide soil retention and excavation support.

          Sheet piles are commonly used in slope protection along riverbanks to prevent erosion and sudden break of soil during heavy rains and typhoons. That is the reason sheet pile is very in-demand in the Philippines.


            Sheet piles also have big use in construction, they are used as wall protection during excavation to prevent cave-in. Also to prevent collapsing of the retained soil along the perimeter of the excavation.

            Another big usage of sheet pile is on the off-shore structure. Sheet piles are used as a cofferdam to allow the construction of a structure even on the sea. They also play a big role in land reclamation or marine ports, they can encase soil to create an artificial island. Sheet piles can also protect the coastal areas from erosion and heavy typhoons by serving as a quay wall.

On-going construction of wall retention.


A series of sheetpile used for cofferdam.

        In some instances, sheet piles can also be formed using timber, plastic, or reinforced concrete.


Solid concrete retention wall.