Furthermore, Alberdo Industries is a supplier of spiral welded steel pipe piles and casing, pipe flanges, anchor tie rods Philippines, helical piles, tremie pipes, and other special steel fabrication.

Alberdo Industries is a supplier of various industrial products such as spiral welded steel pipe piles and casing, pipe flanges, anchor tie rods Philippines, helical piles, tremie pipes, and other special steel fabrication machine Shop Manila.

Alberdo Industries is a supplier of various industrial products such as spiral welded steel pipe piles and casing, pipe flanges, anchor tie rods, helical piles, tremie pipes, and other special steel fabrication. We are oath to give you the best quality product that you deserve. Alberdo is a complete solution provider, from design to implementation, and construction. We also cater sheet pile and steel bored pile driving.

In a water pipeline system, pipes are advisable to have the ability to disassemble for repair and maintenance. Thus in this case, flanges are very much suited and joints should not be welded. Our flanges are in line with ISO, AWWA, and ANSI standards.

This type of pipe is used specifically for foundation piling that requires huge stress capacity. The rolled pipe has lower residual stress compare to the spiral welded steel pipe casing because the welding seam is fewer. This is the reason why it is more popular in western countries. It is more expensive than spiral steel pipe casing and has a bigger lead time to produce. But it caters larger diameter and thicker than a spiral steel pipe.

Anchor tie rods are steel members that are used to provide tension resistance between two opposing structures. It is normally partnered with steel sheet piles and pipe piles. We design and produce anchor tie rods. In fact, Alberdo has supplied a number of tie rods in various ports and infra projects around the Philippines.

Helical piles are simply steel pipes with a welded helical plates welded on their bottom portion. It can be used as a piling support or foundation to a concrete structure such as a residential house. Unlike bored piles that are being driven or hammered, helical piles are being twisted to penetrate the ground. Moreover, it is used for areas that are limited in space.

Tremie pipes are water-tight encasements used to funnel down cement when pouring it on areas that are submerged in water. It can also be used when the area to be cemented is deep beneath the ground such as in deep wells. It provides good quality concrete by avoiding concrete pile breakage and gaps.

Sheet piles are used mainly for soil protection in dredging, building erections, and flood control. We have stock of brand new and 2nd-hand sheet pile ready for pick-up. Additionally, we buy used sheet piles from contractors. Alberdo is partnered with the global top producers of steel sheet piles.

Alberdo is capable of producing built-up beams in our machine shops. You are assured that our products follow the strict standards of various international material and process standards.

Alberdo has a long year of experience in fabricating special steel structures. We provide steel grades and designs that are at par with global standards. Additionally, we have veteran machinists that are expert in steelworks. We can also produce steel pipe casing in our shops.

Alberdo also supplies the following products. 

Spiral pipe is used in foundation piling and water systems. This pipe is ideal for bigger lengths than rolled pipes because of its ability to be mass-produced. These pipes are fabricated using submerged-arc welding on continuously automated equipment. Furthermore, spiral pipes are available in smaller and thinner sizes.