Alberdo supplied rolled steel pipe casing or LSAW for various projects of DPWH not just in Manila but around the Philippines. Rolled steel pipes are used mainly for boring pipe casing and main water pipeline. Rolled pipe casing is also known in the Philippines as Longitudinal Submerged Arc Welded (LSAW) or steel pipe casing. It is because of the welding orientation of LSAW.

          This pipe is a good substitute for a spiral pipe of the thicker casing, 12mm thick up to 25mm. Rolled pipe is best for small quantity foundations of structures that require high-stress capacity. It is available in large diameter and can range from 500mm to 3 Meter. Specifically, rolled pipes are preferable to use on small quantity and large-diameter steel pipes compare to spiral pipes.

          Rolled pipe is manufactured by using steel plates of the desired thickness and rolling them in a circular shape, then, welding both ends using submerged arc welding. The length of one can is dependent on the available dimension of the steel plate, around 8ft, for instance. Therefore, a certain amount of wastage is incurred to achieve a specific pipe diameter and length. Furthermore, the individual small length can is welded with each other across the diameter of the pipe to make a long steel casing. We have supplied rolled pipe steel casing (LSAW) for various projects of DPWH and private companies not just in Manila but around the Philippines. 

Rolled and welded steel pipes can be used for temporary casing or permanent piling foundations of bridges or buildings.

Rolled pipes are used in large diameter and thick steel pipe that requires modification on its length line such as in irrigation chilled water line and main water source.