Alberdo is a prime supplier of type 2, steel sheet piles in the Philippines, we have stock at our Manila and in Bulacan warehouse. A sheet pile is a section of special-shaped sheets with interlocking edges. These are driven into the ground to provide earth retention. They are most commonly made of steel, but can also be made up of timber or reinforced concrete.

           Sheet piles are used for retaining walls for land reclamation, They can also be used for underground structures such as car parks, storage area, and basements. In marine locations for riverbank protection, seawalls, cofferdams, and a lot more.

The Hot Rolled Type II Sheetpile was produced 90 years ago and is one of the first types of sheet pile. Hot rolled has evolved from flat sheets to U-shaped sheets and is still the most common type used today in construction because of its cheaper price. Alberdo is the go-to supplier for type 2 sheet pile in the Philippines, we have stock in our Manila warehouse.

Sheetpile protects the soil near the river or shore to prevent them from eroding then collapsing.

Sheet serves as frame support against the soil during excavation for a basement or during the laying of the foundation, for instance.

Sheetpile is used for cofferdam, an offshore structure being built to remove water in a certain location. This is to secure the place where a foundation or facility is to be built such as in an offshore jetty, for instance.

Moreover, sheet pile supplier in the Philippines.