Alberdo is a supplier of spiral steel pipe casing or SSAW not just in Manila but around the Philippines. We have produced the pipes in our plants in Manila, Cebu, and Davao. Spiral Submerged Arc Welded or SSAW pipes are highly noticeable because of their helical welding seam.

         Spiral steel pipe casing, which is also called pipe piles and bored pipe casing, is normally used in the foundation of structures that have soft soil. These pipes can also be used in water lines that require big diameter and lengths.

          Our spiral pipes are available from 150mm up to 3,600mm in diameter. The wall thickness is from 3.4mm to 25mm. The length can go up to 50 meters.  In order to save costs in splicing, customers want a longer pipe. However, the Philippines’ road profile poses a major problem in transportation.

          Our spiral pipe casing undergoes several quality control tests such as hydrostatic pressure test, inspection by ring gauges, and X-ray test. Aside from these standards, quality testing routine procedures on the statistically selected sample are being implemented. Pipes are also subject to destructive testing by third-party quality inspectors to validate the quality of our product.



Spirally-welded steel pipes are ideal for piling foundation of ports, bridges, and river flood control because of the high yield stress they can withstand.

Spiral pipes are also ideal for water system of long lines and large diameter because these are cheaper compare to other pipes such as ductile and HDPE. When properly coated and lined spiral pipes can be used for potable water lines.

Spiral pipes can also be used for oil and gas if properly coated with the right epoxy.

          The pipe has good roundness because the weld travels across the circumference along the length. Then the perfect concentricity makes it easier to weld two pipes together using arc welding. The residual stress caused by the welding is also distributed along the lengths. Our steel and product conform to ASTM 252 Grade B for piling foundation and ASTM 139 for water lines. We have supplied SSAW pipes for various projects around the Philippines.