Alberdo is a supplier and fabricator of tremie pipes in the Philippines. We have partnered with contractors of deep well drilling and foundation piling in their various projects around the country.

Tremie pipes are water tight pipe used as encasement when pouring concrete submerged in water. It can be used when the portion to be cemented is deep beneath the ground as in deep wells. It is advantageous in the quality of the pouring because it avoids concrete pile breakage or gaps.

A complete length of tremie pipes consist of a series of individual pipe measuring 1 to 3.5 meters in length. These pipes are jointed using thread or cable wire system. The threaded joint consists of male and female threads pairing with each other. On the other hand, in cable wire system uses cable release fork for quick mounting and dismantling of pipes.

Tremie pipes assembly consist of different parts such as the pipe base, pipe section, lifting cap, and the funnel. The tremie base pipe is the first section of the pipe boring under the ground. It has a pointed bottom allowing it to penetrate the ground soil. The tremie pipe sections are the pipes which lengthen the assembly to reach a certain height. A lifting cap is being mounted at the top portion of the the tremie sections to allow easy placement and mounting of each pipes. A funnel is mounted at the top most portion of the assembly for easy pouring of the cement.

Tremie pipe has a common diameter of 150mm to 300mm. It can be made of ordinary steel grade because it is not load bearing structure.

Tremie pipes are used as cement guide for constructing caisson. Caisson are the foundation of bridges submerged in water.

Tremie pipes can be used to ensure the quality of the bored piles.